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Sandwiches served with a side of snark.

You wanna know the truth? Every deli owner has a salt & vinegar chip on her shoulder. 

Why? Because everyone thinks they can create a darn good sandwich. Sure, anyone can slap some meat and condiments between two slices of bread and call it lunch. But we’d call that a sad-wich.

We don’t make sandwiches. We build them.

Here’s how we do it:

– We start with fluffy, fresh baked bread from Bluff View Bakery. Honestly, we could eat those carbs plain and be pretty happy.

– We pile the protein high so you don’t have to pinch your nose and drink a boring shake later.

– An assortment of real cheese, meat’s BFF.

– We add a few veggies to make ourselves feel better about all the other stuff.

– Then we kick up the flavor with special sauces. Hungry yet? Stop eating sad-wiches and stop in Mindy B’s for a better lunch.

Our specials change every week to keep your taste buds on their toes.

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